Tiime to Stop TheseToxic 'Liberal' Narratives, Part 1: There Were No Two Sides in Charlottesville

'The left' join their far right counterparts in tyranny and fascism by demanding conformity to their 'superior' ideas. The far left is intent on controlling conversations about our most pressing issues, and making sure that 'others', who think differently than them, are ostracized, silenced, and punished.

There Were No Two Sides To Violence In Charlottesville

One of the ubiquitous edicts handed down by 'the left' is, "there are no two sides." This demand came in the wake of Charlottesville 2017, after President Trump commented that there was violence on "many sides," and "fine people" on both sides. What sides were there?

Let's remember that the Unite the Right Rally was advertised as a protest against taking down the Robert E. Lee monument. This incident took place among several similar protests--protests for and against removing confederate symbols from public life. Some argued the symbols should be trashed, some said they belong in museums, some argued that they should stay up, just as monuments of George Washington and Lincoln will remain dotting our public spheres.

There were people protesting against taking the statues down who were not Nazis, or white supremacists.

On the other hand, ANTIFA, a modern anarchist movement that has co-opted their name from anti-Nazi ANTIFA of WWII, came to Charlottesville armed and itching to fight--and fight they did. As with every modern ANTIFA protest, anyone was targeted for violence that the kids thought looked like a 'Nazis'--even their own supporters, several of whom were attacked and injured.

Modern day ANTIFA is not the savior of civil rights in America--it is an anarchist movement that aims to destroy our democracy. On the anniversary of the Unite the Right riot, where Heather Hayer was run over in the street, a Washington Post headline read: "ANTIFA Couldn't Find Any Fascists at Unite the Right, So Harassed Reporters Instead."

These hooligans are getting their fight on, disingenuously, in the name of civil rights--and they aren't the only ones. Quite the contrary, ANTIFA, along with other 'liberals,' are mobilizing white pride, mens solidarity, and extreme right conservatism by targeting blame and political violence toward "whites," "conservatives," "southerners," and "men"...and even "America" as homogenous "evil" groups. 

There were peaceful protesters on both sides in Charlottesville. Peaceful protesters have driven real change by working with their local governments to address confederate, and other offending public markers -- ANTIFA has no claim to gains made by these political efforts (nor do Democrats own the gains made by civil rights activists throughout history).

The far left is scapegoating sections of society as "the racists," "evil," and "enemy," while framing themselves as the only hope to 'save' minorities. In effect, 'liberals' are using minorities as human shields, while lobbing violent political attacks on their 'enemies'. This does nothing to address issues most important to minorities, but instead inflames animosity between targeted groups.

There were two sides to the Charlottesville violence: extreme right, and extreme left. 

The most disturbing pattern of both is the willingness and ease with which activists feel they can physically punish their 'enemies'.

Authors Note: This article is first in a 6 part series about Toxic Liberal Narratives.

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