What is Whiteness?

"Whiteness" is a dangerously misunderstood term, often used to equate a "white race" to "racist." This misuse of the term betrays our historic effort to tackle racism, and instead increases racial tension in our culture. What does "whiteness" really mean?   'Whiteness' is not a reference to a 'white race'  'Whiteness' is not as a reference to "race", but a construction of "race" — a hierarchical structure to which 'elites' demand conformity in order to maintain power. Anti-racists go wrong when they equate 'whiteness' to 'white people', scapegoating a 'white race' as the source of rac- ism . This wrong-headed approach legitimizes the construction of race versus analyzing race construction and toxic culture as tools that elitists use to maintain power.  The dominant antiracist narrative of anti-'whiteness' plays into the political game of racial division, redirect