White, Black, and Brown Races?

  If we are stuck trying to find solutions on issues of “race”, it’s because we are thinking within a fictional reality, set up by those in power. There is no such thing as “race”, but there is rac-  ism . The root isn’t “race”, the root is power. A New Orleans based group, The People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, has moved the language about racism toward power dynamics within communities (versus thinking about racism as explicit hate from one person toward someone of a different “race”) and fueled a precipitous movement to “Undo Racism” — to undo the fictional frame of “race” and race construction in society. Bu t , what have a handful of editors in the media done? They have doubled down on race construction: “  On race and how it’s capitalized — The Press Enterprise  (April 24, 2021) For about nine months now, our newsroom policy has been to capitalize all colors when referring to race — whether it be Black, White or Brown… The Post wrote in a column explaining its decision t