Congresswoman Omar, Please Tell Us What You've Learned

No one can escape the web of racism that infects our American psyche.

We all easily believed that old white men, conservatives, and southerners were the home and homogeneous actor in racism.

But, ho! We all meet on the floor of racists!

Now that we're all here, let's  share what we are learning. Not just to our friends, behind closed doors; or on campuses, where resumes are built; as part of non-profit fundraisers; or as part of a smear campaign against the political opposition.

I would like to see our political leaders from across the political and skin-tone spectrum on stage, mic on, talking about how they have been conditioned to be biased one way or another toward some group or another.

I would like our leaders to share what they have learned from facing themselves, and their fellow citizens, once they found themselves on the floor of racists.

Please, guide America through this quagmire that we are all suffering, with understanding not blame.

Hillary Clinton didn't do it, after her superpredator remarks emerged again on the 2016 campaign trail.

Elizabeth Warren didn't when she was outed impersonating a Native American on affirmative  action forms.

Governor Northam hasn't explained the why and how of his predicament.

I could go on.

Leaders get "caught", and apologize. They are forgiven, or not, and the issue is over.

Victims are sick of telling their stories. It is time for the abusers to stand up and speak about how and why they have been influenced by racist narratives.

We might find that our biases come from ignorance, or misunderstandings...not hate or malice.

We might find similar stories about how racist biases got into our heads.

We might find more understanding, and less blame.

We might find sustainable solutions to our cultural conflicts.

What did you find, Congresswoman Omar?