hierarchy and fragmentation

hierarchy is vertical

fragmentation is horizontal (racial etc, gender, sex, style, language, patterns, behaviors)

our leadership should not be proportionate.

Sometimes the pink ladies have all the answers

Sometimes the white horse

Sometimes the serpent or

The Devil.

Sometimes the Devil is right?

If the Devil is right, he should not be alone.

He should be joined by the righteous and encouraged

Toward the light.

When I talk about hierarchy, I talk about racism, among other things.

Racism is less about race, than your position

than Your power

Black over Black

White over White

Any color over any "other"

Color, even, is irrelevant,
For you might be Catholic
Or Satanic
Or Jewish
Or Muslim

You Might Be Fat
and/or ugly

Hierarchically, in our groups, we are judged
We are valued
or undervalued
Depending on

How much we are worth to "others"??


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